Application Development Services : Android, IOS, Website

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SUKUMAYA Technology is a developer company that provides services for creating applications, websites and internet marketing according to your needs. Our strengths are: Satisfaction Guarantee, Experienced Team, Have integrity, Reliable Technology, Reliable, Affordable Prices, Timely Estimation, Free Consultation.

Since 2010 Sukumaya has worked on more than one hundred government and private projects with various different business fields and done custom.


What do you need ?

  • Android Apps
    Do you want to have an android application to improve work / business performance?
  • IOS Application
    Do you want to have an IOS application to make your technical work / business easier?
  • Website Creation
    I want to have a website for my business.
  • Desktop Applications
    Do you want to have an offline / online computer-based desktop application, for work / business needs?
  • Graphic Design Services
    Need a flyer, banner, animated advertisement, logo, mascot and various other design needs?
  • Instagram Advertising Services
    Want to advertise your products, services or website on Instagram so that you can get lots of followers and visitors?
  • Facebook Advertising Services
    Want to advertise your products and services on Facebook so you have lots of likes and lots of orders?
  • Google Adword Services
    You already have a website but want your website to be on the first page of Google search?

"Your business will go faster .. ONLINE IS NOT THE TREND, but ONLINE IS THE FUTURE"

Why Us

The cheapest price, Guaranteed with the best Quality and the latest technology

  • Latest Technology

    Build with Laravel, Falcon, React Native, Flutter. The performance will be tougher.

  • Cheapest Price

    Strong performance, with prices adjusting to society

  • Warranty

    We provide maintenance guarantees if there are problems.



Please contact us


  • WA : +62 8116010144
  • +62 8116010144


Entrepreneurial information after using our services.

It was proven that my business turnover increased, after I was online and had an application.


So it is easier for business management, because all data is neatly arranged in the system.


The price of the service here is quite cheap and good, far from being compared to other places.


The CS service is quite good and fast when I have problems.



How to Order

Please contact us, we will be happy to serve